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I am Lina,

Business Mentor London
Elevate your cherished enterprise to new peaks
Bolster your self-assurance
Attain clarity and momentum

I assist ambitious women in enhancing their earnings with ease, circumventing overexertion and exhaustion, by finding equilibrium amongst their obligations and tapping into their natural rhythm. This method encompasses uplifting their business outlook, augmenting self-confidence, and securing clarity and direction to streamline their journey to success.

Irrespective of your present standing, a universal aim is to pivot focus from quotidian operations to strategic expansion, enriching both your financial and personal liberation.

Envision unleashing your supreme potential overnight; contemplate the immediate transformations you would implement in both your business and personal life.

Picture scaling your venture or merely relishing more downtime with your loved ones. I'm poised to steer you beyond the obstacles that constrain you, enabling you to pursue your aspirations and live your quintessential life.

How can a business mentor in London assist you?
Dispense with the sensation of being marooned! Business mentoring is not merely about presenting new notions and objectives (although it can accomplish that!).

It's akin to having a personal adviser by your side, propelling you forward and aiding you in unlocking your true potential. Here’s how:

Illuminate your blind spots: We each have them – those concealed aspects that ensnare us unawares. Mentoring aids you in recognising these discrepancies and comprehends how they may be impeding your progress, so you can ultimately clear the route to success.

Abandon the “I can’t” mindset: Negative convictions can be formidable shackles, but fret not, I am here to assist you in breaking free from these beliefs! Through supportive guidance and candid dialogue, you'll conquer self-doubt and rediscover the confidence you merit.

Break free and act: Paralysed by indecision? Mentoring aids you in liberating yourself by devising a tangible action plan. Consider it a GPS for your ambitions, directing you step-by-step towards realisation.

Lead as a leader (and inspire others): Wish to inspire your team? Mentoring provides you with the tools to become a more effective leader, someone who instils confidence and cultivates a thriving work environment.

Enhance your business, bolster your bank balance: It’s an open secret that adept leaders construct successful enterprises. By refining your business acumen through mentoring, you’ll not only ameliorate operations and efficacy but also witness a favourable impact on your financial returns.

So, are you prepared to unleash your potential and realise your business dreams? Consider mentoring as your clandestine advantage – it’s an investment in yourself and your future!


Business coaches are professionals committed to aiding individuals or teams in improving their performance, achieving their goals more quickly, effortlessly, or effectively, and enhancing their overall efficiency. Business coaches, mentors, and consultants each hold distinct roles, with some overlaps in their functions, yet it's common for a person to switch between these different roles. Below are the key differences among business coaches, mentors, and consultants: Business Coaches: Relationship and Approach to Problem-Solving Coaches interact in a collaborative and non-directive way, assisting clients to navigate their objectives, challenges, and potential solutions. By asking questions, challenging assumptions, and promoting self-reflection and empowerment, they help clients to come up with their own solutions. Scope: Business coaches cover a wide range of personal and professional development areas, including entrepreneurial mindset, business strategy and direction, leadership skills, communication, branding, and overall performance improvement. Mentors: Relationship and Approach to Problem-Solving Mentors provide advice and insights based on their own experiences. The mentor-mentee relationship is often more personal, facilitating the sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and lessons learned from the mentor’s career or industry. Scope: Mentors mainly focus on career progression, offering insights relevant to the mentee’s professional path or direction. This relationship can also encompass aspects of personal development and is more directive, with mentors giving guidance and recommendations. Consultants: Relationship and Approach to Problem-Solving Consultants are hired for their specialised expertise. The consultant-client relationship is typically project-focused and goal-oriented, with consultants adopting a problem-solving approach by analysing issues, providing professional advice, and sometimes implementing solutions. Scope: Consultants are hired for specific issues or challenges. They bring expertise in particular fields, such as strategy, operations, or technology, and their involvement is usually short-term and project-based. At The Uncommon Way, we adopt a holistic approach by blending the roles of coach, mentor, and consultant. Lina exemplifies our unique method through her own Uncommon Way of life and business. She empowers and guides you towards making your own decisions and wisdom for a comprehensive life and business strategy, whilst also providing tactical knowledge, straightforward guidance, and her frank perspective when requested.

Lina believes everyone benefits from coaching and she herself would never be without a mentor (or several). Conversely, she argues that no one truly requires a mentor, as the universe invariably aligns to guide you towards your destined path. Our desire for coaches stems from the understanding that they can accelerate our journey, enhancing our progress and making the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. You are primed for a mentor if you are: Keen to implement significant transformations in your business and life Open to fresh approaches to thinking and acting Self-aware and eager for further personal development Prepared to remain committed, even in the face of challenges or discomfort Ready to take full responsibility for your outcomes Willing to expedite the growth of your business

The cost of business coaching can vary widely based on factors such as the coach's level of experience, areas of expertise, and the particular services offered. Charges for business coaching can range from a few hundred quid per session to several thousand quid for a package or series of sessions, affected by the coach's reputation, proven success, outlook, and the demand for their services. It's vital to acknowledge that business coaching is an investment in both professional and personal development, with the expected return on investment being lifelong and significantly influential in terms of improved performance, leadership skills, and business outcomes. In terms of the tax deductibility of business coaching expenses, tax laws and regulations vary across countries and regions. Business outlays for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing professional competencies are typically tax-deductible. However, it's crucial to consult with a tax advisor or accountant who is knowledgeable about the specific tax laws of your region to determine eligibility and any limitations.

Indeed, a skilled business coach can accelerate your progress towards your goals, improving both productivity and convenience. They will help in avoiding obstacles and unnecessary detours, fostering wider ambitions than you might alone envisage. Some individuals assess "value" in terms of immediate financial gains. Should this be a concern, please organise a discussion with me directly, so I may assess your current circumstances and identify the required actions to fulfil your objectives.

One client described it as, "Do come in, take a seat on a floor cushion, have a cup of tea, and let's work out what's next." Another remarked, "This is definitely a choice between the red pill or blue pill experience… you've changed my life." Lina is compassionate yet straightforward. Her coaching and advice are often surprising, yet profoundly impactful. Her method combines logical and creative approaches to business development, offering comprehensive coaching on strategy, mindset, energetics, and nervous system regulation to assist women in enhancing their ability to generate more value and earn greater income. She possesses a natural ability to recognise an individual's unique talents and, consequently, the potential of their business. Furthermore, she has an in-depth understanding of the human brain, the factors that prevent women from achieving their full potential in business and life, and the processes of self-reinvention. These specialities collectively accelerate your business growth and personal evolution.

Lina comprehensively grasps each client and their business. Through nearly a decade of coaching, whilst directly engaging with clients from a range of sectors, every phase of business, and all walks of life, Lina has perfected customising her coaching to the particular needs of each individual, even when the client is uncertain of their requirements.

We begin with an Introductory Call, during which Lina will familiarise herself with you and your business, aid in creating clarity on your journey ahead regardless of whether you choose to work together, and assess if you’re ready to fully benefit from her programmes. This is emphatically not a high-pressure "sales pitch." It's an honest conversation about next steps. After receiving a coaching proposal, you'll have the chance to review our terms and conditions (contract) before making a payment (either a deposit or the full amount). Moreover, you'll receive some preparatory tasks and, upon completing the payment, gain access to all intellectual property and call recordings. Prior to your start date, you'll receive all necessary links and information to set you up for success in the coming months.

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